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Thank you for your interest in California water!  After years of encouragement by scores of ACWA members and their agencies from throughout the State, and after months of hard work laying a foundation, I recently declared my candidacy for ACWA Vice President.  Though the journey has been arduous, every step of the way better prepares me to provide strong leadership to the organization which sits at the hub of California water issues - ACWA.

I first joined ACWA’s board in 2015 after having been selected Region 9 Chair by its members.  In the ensuing years I have been honored to serve on ACWA’s Finance, Business Development, and Legislative Affairs Committees, and am currently a member of ACWA’ Executive Committee and Chair of ACWA’s Federal Affairs Committee. 

"Safe, Clean, Affordable, Reliable water

for generations to come"

I’ve also been privileged to be appointed to numerous task forces and workgroups, including ACWA’s Disadvantaged Communities Task Force where I have proudly served since its inception, and ACWA’s Headwaters Workgroup, which provides strong state and local leadership in the increasingly challenging forest management and headwaters arena.  I also serve on the Board of the National Water Resources Association, and as Board co-chair of the United States International Boundary and Water Commission’s Colorado River Citizens Forum.


With a bachelor’s degree in Construction from Louisiana State University, I have enjoyed a diverse, successful career which has afforded me an extensive background in real estate development and sales, banking and finance, working in public, private, non-profit and faith-based organizations. And while my career has taken me and my family across the country and around the globe, I have been a proud California resident for decades.


I am currently the Executive Director of the Salton Sea Authority (Authority), a Joint Powers Agency formed to preserve the beneficial uses of imported Colorado River water supplies while addressing the historical impacts associated with a changing ecosystem.  I report directly to a ten-member board comprised of two directors each from the Imperial Irrigation District and Coachella Valley Water District (both ACWA members), two Supervisors each from Riverside and Imperial Counties, and two elected representatives from the Torres-Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians.  Working in coordination and consultation with local stakeholders, the State of California, and the entire federal family, the Authority advocates and facilitates the development and implementation of policies, plans and projects to transition the Sea and region from what it once was to what it sustainably can be.

And while my involvement with the Salton Sea gives me day-to-day exposure to the issues involving the Colorado River and Southern California, my current role as a Director with Dudley Ridge Water District – where I was appointed by the unanimous vote of the Kings County Board of Supervisors - puts me squarely in the heart of California’s Central Valley challenges. That, along with my active involvement with ACWA’s headwaters task, provides me the good fortune to have real time access to, exposure in, and meaningful involvement with virtually every aspect of California water – North to South, East to West, Ag, Urban, and otherwise. 


I am hopeful that your organization agrees that I am the right candidate at the right time in California water to help lead this organization through these challenging times and towards a more promising future for all.  I appreciate your consideration, I ask for your vote, and I would be humbled to receive San Diego County Water Authority’s support and endorsement.

Thank you for your interest in the future of California  I am honored to be nominated for consideration as a candidate for Vice President of the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA).  Water is life, and "Bringing Water Together" is the ACWA masthead.  As ACWA's Vice President I will work to fully realize that high calling.

With an extensive career in management and finance, real estate, media, I've been privileged to serve in senior management in public, private, and faith based organizations.  I’ve enjoyed a long history of involvement with the local development and agricultural communities, and have served on ACWA's Board of Directors for the past six years, presently honored to serve as Chair of ACWA's Federal Affairs Committee.  I am the Executive Director of the Salton Sea Authority, a Joint Powers Agency formed to address the impacts of aging infrastructure while protecting the beneficial use of imported water supplies for Agricultural and other uses.

a Director on the board of Dudley Ridge Water District, onnumerous boards including the Coachella Valley Water District, Salton Sea Authority, Indio Water Authority and the Indio Planning Commission.

Working with a local developer, I oversaw the design and development of regional District water and sewer facilities in south La Quinta, including major irrigation line relocations and storage facilities.  I regularly attend municipal, community council, county and state agency meetings, exposing me to a host of water-related issues, including those affecting sustainable, quality water for Division 1.  Throughout my entire career I have successfully built the right team of professionals for each opportunity or challenge at hand.  My experiences and training have uniquely qualified me to serve as your next Director.


My wife, Kathy O'Dowd, an eighth grade teacher at Palm Desert Charter Middle School, and I are residents of Rancho Mirage.  We've lived in the Coachella Valley for over 18 years, where we raised our two children, both graduates of Palm Desert High School.

If elected I will work tirelessly to ensure safe, clean, affordable, reliable water for generations.  I look forward to serving the people of Division 1 with honor and integrity, and I humbly ask for your support, your endorsement, and your vote.

Contact Information

G. Patrick O'Dowd,
Candidate for Vice President

Association of California Water Agencies

5 Lincoln Place

Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

Phone:  (760) 238-7777


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